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A spyware cleaner protects your computer against all kinds of adware, malware, Trojan horses, keyloggers, tracking cookies, viruses, active X control, browser hijacks and toolbars.

Please note that some malicious programmers have released several fake anti-spyware cleaner which can cause havoc in your computer system. These widely distributed Web banner ads mislead the users by warning them that their computers have spyware, urging them to use spyware cleaners that do not actually clean the computer of spyware. As a matter of fact, they may infect the system with some additional spyware.[

Ideally, shopping for spyware cleaners should not be done in the same way as shopping for groceries. A little care and research will go a long way to help you buy the ideal spyware cleaner. Most people follow a simple rule for shopping which is based on the presumption that higher the price of a product, better the quality. Unfortunately, things do not always turn out that way.

Most crafty marketers generally package the same crappy product into two different categories, namely up market and mass market. Supposing you choose the up market version, you will pay dearly for the "up market version" for the more effective remedy and many will be deceived into believing that they are getting better quality.

With spyware cleaners, one should not compromise on the quality as it can have a bearing on the efficacy of the product. Remember that spywares record and transmit sensitive and private information like your passwords and credit card numbers through out the World Wide Web. This can cause irreparable damage to you unless you take care.

To ensure that you have the appropriate and effective spyware cleaner to do the job, please do your home work carefully before buying it.

How Spyware cleaners protect you

They provide real time protection so that spyware is not installed on your computer. They function in a similar manner as an anti virus software by scanning all incoming data via the network for any threats. In the event that a spyware has already been installed in your computer systems, there are spyware cleaners which are designed solely to detect and remove them by scanning the hard disk and weeding out all spyware infected files.

Some of the popular spyware cleaners available in the market today  
adware Away   
Aluria Spyware Eliminator   
Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal   
McAfee AntiSpyware   
Intermute SpySubtract   

How to choose

Careful consideration should be taken to make the right choice for your particular problem as spywares are a serious threat to your computer system. You can keep in mind the criteria given below to make certain you find the right solution for your spyware problems.

What to look for

Features effectiveness, ease of use, customer support

Technical support descriptions of software, block cookies, real time protection, judges severity of infection, auto updates, control startup applications

Detection and removal Spyware, adware, keyloggers, active x controls, tool bars, tracking cookies, spyware in registry, browser hijack, malware.

The operating system supported Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000.


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