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Spyware Software Explained

There is so much confusion amongst most people regarding the type and the number of Spyware software (removal and prevention) to use that this topic merits a detailed discussion.

One anti adware and spyware software is essential. Having more than one protection software is really not important for many reasons. The most important point is that things can backfire, if you are unaware of the usage of different kinds of anti spyware. If you own more than one software of the same kind like two antispyware and adware software, this may cause certain kind of backups to be deleted.

When you scan your computer with software A, certain backups are created and some of the backups are very crucial especially if an infection is found. Scanning with software B will also create backups. While doing so, software B will encounter the back up files created by software A. Next, you will start deleting infections but the   fact is, that the important backups made by software A will be deleted.

The backups generally contain infected files or quarantined files. These should not be deleted because the computer may need these files to function properly. One has to be prudent before deleting such files and the decision to do so warrants proper analysis.

A multitude of software running simultaneously will slow down your computer. Worse still, the software might not work properly when another one is operating at the same time, usually the case with software that has real time protection.

It is not a question of which software to use. Basically, Software provides you with a cure in case your computer gets infected. Protection or prevention is always better than cure. You protect your computer systems by following certain guidelines and also by avoiding certain type of websites.

Try to avoid surfing porn sites and the most of the badly designed sites. Such sites usually use more than one popup. Most creditable companies do not make use of more than one popup and they have professional websites. The cardinal rule is to use popular services while surfing the Internet. Use the well known services like google, and msn and surf the popular sites generally chosen by most people. The best way is to look at recommendations/feedbacks about various sites from the new, popular and free service known as Yahoo Answers instead of fumbling.

Since protection automatically removes 90% of the risk, the anti spyware and adware software come into the picture in case you accidentally get infected.

Some anti spyware also provides real time protection which means they work when you are working on your computer. Some software does not offer real time protection and are only useful for removing infections. The real time variety of anti spyware provides preventive action by protecting and warding off the infection before your computer is afflicted. While the offline varieties of anti spyware have all the other features as well, they do not offer indispensable protection due to the absence of real time scanning.

Please note that you need to use single software of each kind. There are three types- anti adware/spyware, antivirus and firewall software.

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There is so much confusion amongst most people regarding the type and the number of Spyware software (removal and prevention) to use that this topic merits a detailed discussion. (More...)

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