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Using Spyware Scans

The basic function of a free spyware scan is to warn you if your computer is infected with some type of malicious program which can cause a great deal of havoc to your system.

When should you go in for a spyware scan?

Unwanted pop-ups: These are a cause for so much irritation. Your visits to some sites may cause rogue software to be installed on you computer (without you being aware of it) and this will result in pop ups to appear. This is one of the most common warning signs of spyware infection.

Slow computer: When your computer is infected with too many spyware, the overall performance will affected, causing your system to get bogged down. Do take note of the fact that these programs are taking up space on your hard disk as well as using up processing power. Make it a weekly practice to scan your computer for such mischievous programs and eradicate them.

Downloading music or other programs: Since we do this quite often, we are often unaware that this is the most common method of infecting our computer systems. Each time you download something from the net, you are running a major risk. While downloading music, do you really know who you are downloading it from? Moreover, if you are downloading software which is illegal, and searching for key generating software afterwards, be forewarned! These programs will disable all the existing set ups/configurations of your computer system and cause it to crash.

Your homepage is different: Some spyware have the ability to alter your homepage settings without your awareness. Therefore, it allows them to augment the number of visitors to their site, thus slyly inflating their website statistics.

If you have found the above irregularities in your computer system, you are in urgent need of a free adware /spyware scan to scrutinize your computer for locating spyware and removing it. Many good internet security companies offer free online spyware scans that will help detect any traces of spyware/adware on your computer.  Free spyware removal is also offered by most of these companies. As the scanning process has to look into the crevices and every nook and cranny of your computer system, a spyware scan is very incisive and probing in manner.  Therefore, always trust only legitimate, popular and reputed websites while doing any type of computer scan.

The additional benefits are that a free spyware scan can also be an effective check in case you are already using anti-spyware software. As spyware is very devious and also very dynamic (daily, new versions of spyware are created and let loose onto the internet), it is practical to “double-check” on your anti-spyware software’s effectiveness by scanning your computer with another vendor’s product at various intervals.

Be extra careful while downloading free software on the web, because this is another means for cyber thieves who to infect your PC with deadly “identity-stealing” spyware.

You can breathe easy, as there are quite a few legitimate places to get a free spyware scan. Such legitimate websites are the “official” websites of the leading internet security providers.

Most people don’t realize that their computer could be a means of delivering sensitive personal information to cyber-criminals. Spyware is installed instantaneously and in a stealthy manner. Older versions of antivirus software rarely detect spyware, and even the latest and best antivirus or anti-spyware software will fail to protect you if you haven’t kept it updated.

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The basic function of a free spyware scan is to warn you if your computer is infected with some type of malicious program which can cause a great deal of havoc to your system. (More...)