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Anti Spyware prevent the installation of spyware software on our computer systems. This kind of spyware protection works almost like an anti-virus protection as all incoming network data is checked for spyware software and the threats are effectively blocked. In case, spyware has already found its way to your computer, Anti-spyware software programs can be used exclusively for its detection and removal.

Usually, Spyware is not clearly defined and often confused with adware. Any software that slyly gathers user information without his/her knowledge mainly for advertising purposes is called spyware. They are generally installed without the userís knowledge. In contrast, most types of adware, are installed with the user's knowledge.

Steps to control spyware across the United States

Consumer and privacy advocates have been requesting congressional action for providing consumers with greater details about the programs that report back Internet Browsing patterns to advertisers and generate unnecessary pop-ups. Spyware software can also bog down the computer or network's performance or even cause it to crash.

The first legislation concerns spyware such are phishing, index page hijacking, keystroke logging and advertisements that can be closed only by shutting down a computer. People violating any rules and regulations associated with these nefarious activities could end up facing civil penalties to the tune of $3 million.

This legislation comprises of the first anti-spyware measure placed in the House. Soon another bill will be approved, which will provide for criminal penalties the majority of the civil violations in the Spy Act.

Some rules permit the computer software providers to interact with usersí computer without their knowledge or assent for determining whether the computer user is authorized to software on initialization or an update of the software.

Some activities like Network monitoring are exempted from the provisions of the bill to the extent that the monitoring is for security purposes, technical support/repair, diagnostics, or the detection or prevention of fraudulent activities. As long as Cookies are only used to allow the user to access a website, they are also exempted.

This legislation will put a check on many of the deceptive practices related to spyware and it will give the Federal Trade Commission, enforcement authority, according to Rep. John Dingell, the ranking Democrat on the Energy and commerce Committee. Additional protection is also provided to consumers by enforcing legitimate companies distributing spyware to get permission before installing it on a computer.

The Internet Spyware Prevention Act of 2004, recognizes the intentionally access of a computer without authorization as a serious crime.

If an unauthorized intrusion is further escalated by committing a federal crime such as clandestinely accessing personal data, the penalty can go up to five years in prison. A prison term of two years is awarded for intentionally harming or defrauding a person or damaging a computer via unauthorized installation of spyware.

The legislation also authorizes $10 million for the Justice Department to fight spyware and phishing scams, even if the bill does not explicitly state phishing a crime.

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